Flexible production

Special Machines MS FLEX (Series)

WHY CHOOSING A LEM TEC SPECIAL MACHINE. The item size / or its irregular shape can create complexity when processed with standard machinery.

The difficulty or complexity of the machining may also depend on the material used for the item or on the difficulty of the processing itself. In these cases it is important to find a valid way out.

SOLUTION. Our special machines are designed and developed to solve complex processes such as these due to  irregular shapes of the items and on their special materials.

Each machine is studied and developed in every small detail to allow you to make your production process easier. Your solution is LEM TEC MS FLEX.

Standard Machines

Machining is difficult to be carry out on a standard machine and often the operator spends more time at  equipping the machine than producing.
With a standard machine you are forced to change your way of producing, adapting the product to your machines and thus putting the quality of your work at risk.


The special machine LEM TEC MS FLEX can be set up according to your work and production needs and is tailor-made for your product. It is designed to satisfy your production flow and can be easily integrated on your production lines. The machine is designed on the product, relieving you from the burden of affecting your know-how.

Special Machines
in short

The series LEM TEC MS FLEX turn production into a true advantage.



The work cycles are optimized. The machine is designed and built on the product and not vice versa: this is a great advantage.



Represents a great advantage because designed for various items and of different sizes. This solution gives the possibility to reduce production times and optimize tooling times.



You are relieved of the problem of having to think about how to produce the piece. The machine is delivered to you turnkey, programmed and equipped ready to produce.

lem tec represents innovation 4.0

special machines lem tec ms flex

we have built machines for


  • Multiple Radial drilling 
  • Production time: 2 sec from hole to hole
  • Quadruple production capacity

Sprue cutting

  • Spure cutting in only 15 seconds
  • Ergonomic piece clamping
  • Avoids engine case roundness


  • Necking made horizontally
  • Bulky stainless steel shaft machining
  • Chip discharge without tool damaging


  • Anti-vibration piece clamping
  • Removal of 7mm of material in pass
  • Spindle ISO 50


  • Use of  a recessing head for turning
  • Turning with tapered head
  • Front/back piece machining


  • CN (Numerical Control) Pressing
  • Check diameters concentricity tolerances
  • Compact compared to standard press

Automated loading

  • Automatic machine loading and unloading
  • Unattended operation

Deep Drilling

  • Fast and precise drilling of dies
  • Spindle number 2. 4, 6

End milling

  • Special carbon fiber machining
  • Automatic piece loading and unloading


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