LEM TEC will guide you in the creation of the machine that will further improve your productivity, starting from a dream and arriving at a concrete and real project.

Engineering consultancy

Take your request to the LEM TEC technical Dept. Our team will study it carefully. A careful analysis of the information that you provide and of your processing will be carried out to create a unique project that meets your needs. You can play an active part in your project by intercting and discussing every little detail with us.

Technical solution development
cycle time analysis
technical comparison

Your idea is taking shape. From the study we move on to the design of your machine. Each component is designed to make the project functional, special attention is given to the the cycle time that you need to achieve. This will allow LEM TEC to study the various possible solutions and take into consideration the most suitable one for You.

Economic Proposal
planning of activities

You will receive a detailed and complete proposal from LEM TEC to let you understand the true value of your project. Once the agreement has been signed, a planning of activities will also be made to keep you informed about the machine ongoing progress and you will be able to see the progress with your own eyes through our Work Progress Status (S.A.L.)


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