Transfer machine for impellers

Finally you can fully machine all your pump impellers quickly and precisely! SO MANY ISSUES TO SOLVE! Production times to be optimized, slow production change, poor precision, concentricity problems in the processing of your impellers? THE LEM TEC SOLUTION Strong of its long term experience in the pump sector, LEM TEC has created a special […]
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Foratrice automatica

Automatic driller 4.0

Drilling Machine: assembling We are also completing this automatic drilling machine complying with the Industry 4.0 requirements. Fast, accurate and flexible! When we talk about innovative LEM TEC machine tools, we don’t stop at mechanics, there is an important electrical part and an electronic one. They are complex to design but easy to use. Most […]
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Montronix monitoraggio

Tools last longer when monitored!

If you monitor your tools they last longer, you save on downtime and prevent unnecessary wear. The ideal machine is the one that allows you to make better programs because it improves efficiency, avoids lost production, reduces downtime periods and of course your maintenance costs. The experience of our operators and technicians working in production […]
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Inside machines: PLC or Industrial PC

Have you ever thought that your machine tool could work with an INDUSTRIAL PC instead of a PLC?? In the LEM TEC Style we want to share with  you our experiences. As you know, we have already entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution and we can only talk about smart machines capable of creating more and […]
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truciolo ottone

Machining leadfree brass

LEM TEC Machines for the Industry 4.0  MACHINING LEADFREE BRASS Lead has always been added to brass alloys to facilitate processing and in particular to improve cutting, create excellent chip breaking and reduce tool wear. In recent years, however, lead reduction has become a priority for environmental and public health reasons. The new European directive […]
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