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LEM TEC Multicentro machine

LEM TEC has kept pace in the new evolving market by developing a new category of products that can merge into a single solution the typical transfer machine productivity and the renowned flexibility of the machining center. This is the multitasking LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MCFLEX.

The machine, according to the needs, can be set up in several stations, both horizontal and vertical. The item passes quickly from station to station and is machined on multiple surfaces.
It takes 20 minutes to fix the machine for a new production.

LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MC FLEX represents the ideal combination of production speed and flexibility. It is truly the set of several machines in a single solution, the union of multiple processes on multiple faces without moving the item to other machinery. MULTICENTRO MC FLEX is making sense to your investment and choosing to be competitive.

Standard machine

The production can be done with a standard Transfer machine which is fast, can perform more processes but it is not so flexible for relative small quantities. The change of production, in these cases, can usually be slower, the operator is busy for a long time and production timing is longer. With the standar machining center the operator can instead perform only one machining operation on a single piece at a time.

In these cases, often items are moved from one part of the workshop to another to carry out the work required on different machines.

Multitasking LEM TEC MC FLEX

With the Multitasking LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MC FLEX , all processes are performed on a single machine, without having to move batches and create static warehouses.

Thanks to the greater number of stations on the MULTICENTRO MC FLEX machine, it is possible to machine more pieces and carry out more operations.

Upon completion of a production batch, MULTICENTRO MC FLEX is retooled in 20 minutes ready for a new and completely different type of machining and on an equally different item.


The machining that we can carry out on the multitasking LEM TEC MC FLEX are many starting from drilling, tapping, milling or turning according to the requests and the piece to be machined.

Multitasking LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MC FLEX is able to carry out the machining of several machining centers in a single area. In other words, MC FLEX represents the ideal machine for the industrialization of the production process, to have all the necessary flexibility, optimizing the workforce and reducing storage areas.

LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MCFLEX represents the solution for those who use a standard transfer machines and want more flexibility while maintaining productivity. By working on several stations it is possible to finish the piece in the machine.

Our machines are designed to avoid vibrations and to ensure greater rigidity. Usually the pieces processed on our multitasking LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MC FLEX are medium and large sized. We are able to work different materials starting from steel, aluminum, brass, leadfree brass, etc..

in short

The multitasking series  LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MC FLEX make the production flexible.



MULTICENTRO MC FLEX updates itself with the company’s activity. The order, the detail, the working method can change: the multitasking MC FLEX can adapt to the new required situation. MC FLEX is also able to integrate easily with other phases of the production process and avoids stockpiling.



This multifunctional machine is “flexible” during the daily production planning. The rapid tooling of  MULTICENTRO MC FLEX allows to change the production planning to better manage the quantitative surplus and operational unexpected events.



Designed to perform different activities simultaneously, operating on different stations, on different pieces or piece faces, even with multiple heads. The best outcome for LEM TEC MULTICENTRO MC FLEX is that it considerably increases productive power.

Lem Tec represents innovation 4.0



Feature  1

Machining different item surfaces at the same time.

Feature 2

Reduce production costs and time up to 70%!

Feature 3

Producing just in time 


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