Macchine LEM TEC 4.0


This machine is specifically developed to be more productive than other solutions on the market in the drilling of dies for pellet machines. Equipped with a deep hole drilling unit with electronic tool monitoring. The drilling process is performed through Computerized Numerical Control (CNC). The drilling machine complies with the requirements of Industry 4.0 and allows you to remotely control the various phases.


The die is laid horizontally. The LEM TEC choice of horizontal die positioning was made as it is a productive and precise solution.

Drilling is carried out with mobile units. Version with fixed units is also available on request.

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  • Reduction of drilling time
  • Drilling Precision 
  • Machine wear reduction
  • Ability to work on dies of various size
  • Easy tooling and die loading
  • reducing downtime periods
  • Constant chip evacuation and recycling of drilling oil
  • Electronic tool monitoring
  • Number of spindles: 2, 4, 6
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Look at the present with the vision to the future


For LEM TEC, building 4.0 machines means opening a window to the future, to ensure continuous technological evolution on “live” machines, capable of actively expressing themselves and thus giving a voice to production.

LEM TEC machines are compatible with Industry 4.0 requirements:

  1. Control by means of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and / or PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
  2. Interconnection to factory IT systems with remote loading of instructions and / or part programs
  3. Automated integration with the logistic system of the factory or with the supply network and / or with other machines of the production cycle
  4. Simple and intuitive interface between man and machine
  5. Compliance with the latest safety standards, health and hygiene.

In addition, they are equipped with additional features that make them comparable or integrable with physical cyber systems such as remote maintenance / remote diagnosis and remote control systems.