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Automation, digitalization and energy efficiency are totally changing production systems also of small and medium-sized companies. At the base of every successful business today we have: flexibility of production cycles and efficiency in the use of human resources.

Looking at the present with a vision of the future.

The LEM TEC 4.0 machine system allows data communication to and from the machine with OPC UA protocol, managing recipes / work programs, quantities to be produced, batches, preventive maintenance, tool management, machine spare parts and other information. LEM TEC 4.0 allows the integrated solution with its LEM TEC MES.


In our machines, the LEM TEC 4.0 system follows three fundamental principles that may converge according to the requests and circumstances of each single companies, allowing the various protagonists to manage a production customized to their needs.

LEM TEC 4.0 makes production control possible. Thanks to specific and easy-to-use systems, a rapid exchange of data and information is created, and can be viewed at any time from a smartphone, tablet or laptop. In this way you will be able to manage and monitor the progress of production even off-site, remotely.

Thanks to LEM TEC 4.0, operators are eased in unforeseen or emergency situations. Although they may be far from the machine, operators can be warned in real time of production malfunctions or critical issues through their device (e.g. smartphone). This means that they can take action in a timely manner, avoid downtime and keep production constant.

Maintenance activity, with the support of LEM TEC 4.0, can be carried out in a preventive manner, through warnings (via tablet or smartphone) that can alert your maintenance technician to intervene. This will allow you to avoid sudden machine breakdown, to extend full operation and improve performance. The final obvious outocome will be true important advantages for the entire production.

Studied and designed for the production management of our machines, LEM TEC 4.0 system can interconnect multiple machines (even of different brands) and therefore make it possible to manage entire departments, factories and / or production sites.

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